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Cambodia Appeal

Sayaban presents its Cambodia Appeal in response to the ongoing difficulties in Cambodia, so we can offer crucial support to underprivileged communities. Over 64,000 people have been killed or injured by explosives since 1979, with landmine contamination continuing to be a threat to safe access to land for housing and agriculture. In addition, around 16.6% of Cambodians continue to live in poverty, which is worsening due to their country's vulnerability to droughts, floods, and insect infestations. Sayaban strives to lower the poor literacy rates in Cambodia by offering educational support. Sayaban supplies food packs, circumcision services, education support, orphan support, and Iftar/suhoor during Ramadan in an effort to address a range of difficulties that Cambodians face. The appeal seeks to alleviate the impact of these challenges and contribute to a brighter future

"In September 2022, the heaviest rainfall in three years caused severe flooding in 14 provinces, with some 85,000 households affected and landslides that led to the evacuation of 5,000 households."
-The World Bank, 2023
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“The best charity is that which is given when one is in need.”