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India Appeal

So we can give communities in need crucial support amid difficulties posed by natural disasters and socioeconomic hardships, Sayaban launched its India Appeal. The frequency and severity of these hazards such as heatwaves, cyclones, and floods are rising due to climate change and environmental degradation, affecting millions of people every year. Sayaban offers a range of essential services within the appeal to address these challenges, such as Iftar/Suhoor during Ramadan, aid in the construction of Masjids, installation of hand pumps for access to clean water, and financing of education through the Education Fund. Sayaban also assists children who are in need through its Orphan Support, Hifz Sponsorship, and Alim Sponsorship programmes. Sayaban needs your assistance for its India Appeal so we can offer essential aid and alleviate the hardships faced by communities all over the country.
Climate change manifested through rising temperature and changing patterns of monsoon rainfall in India could cost the economy 2.8 per cent of its GDP and depress the living standards of nearly half of its population by 2050
-Reserve Bank of India, 2022-2023
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“The best charity is that which is given when one is in need.”