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Rohingya Appeal

Sayaban extends a compassionate hand to the Rohingya people, who had to flee from Myanmar after years of persecution and brutality. They now reside in the largest refugee settlement in the world, known as the Kutupalong refugee camp in Bangladesh. Families of Rohingya suffer from neglect and lack access to necessities such as food, healthcare, hygiene and education, so much so that only 30% of children are enrolled in community learning centres, and millions of families are vulnerable to hunger and poverty. Join us in achieving a better future for the Rohingya people, where you can help us meet their immediate needs, by providing food packs, Iftar/Suhoor meals, circumcision support and orphan support. Additionally, we work hard to support and maintain the Rays of Hope Learning Centre (ROHLC), which gives Rohingya children empowerment and education so they can have the resources they need to build brighter futures for themselves.
“Around 95% of the Rohingya people in Bangladesh remain dependent on humanitarian assistance. Sustained assistance is critically and urgently needed, particularly by women and children, who make up more than 75 % of the targeted refugee population.”
-UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) 2024
“The best charity is that which is given when one is in need.”