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Turkey Appeal

Sayaban is still committed to helping the destroyed communities through its Turkey Appeal as we mark just over a year since the catastrophic earthquakes that struck Southeast Turkey and Northwest Syria, taking almost 47,000 lives and shattering thousands more. The recovery operations are still underway despite the passage of time, and further earthquakes making an already severe humanitarian situation much worse. It is clear that Turkey still needs an immense amount of help recovering from these terrible events, and a huge reconstruction project is still in progress. Work with Sayaban in offering essential support by contributing towards food packs, Iftar/Suhoor provisions, general donations, and orphan support in response to the ongoing demand for aid. Let's empower those in need during this challenging time and stand in solidarity with Turkey as it continues to rebuild and recover.
"Recovery and reconstruction costs will be much larger, potentially twice as large, and GDP losses associated with economic disruptions will also add to the cost of the earthquakes."
-The World Bank, 2023
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“The best charity is that which is given when one is in need.”