Bihar Emergency Appeal

Together, we can heal shattered homes and hearts in the aftermath of Bihar’s monsoon devastation

Rebuilding Lives, Restoring Hope: Bihar Emergency Appeal

In the wake of devastating monsoons and powerful winds, the lives of countless families in Bihar, India have been shattered. The recent disaster has resulted in the complete destruction of 300 homes, leaving families homeless and vulnerable. Sayaban Welfare, a charitable organization committed to providing aid in times of crisis, urgently seeks your support to help these families regain their homes and provide them with the sustenance they desperately need.

The Situation

The recent monsoons and high winds have wreaked havoc in Bihar, India, leaving 300 families without a roof over their heads. Entire homes have been reduced to rubble, depriving these families of their sense of security and belonging. With nowhere to turn, they are left exposed to harsh weather conditions and imminent risk. We cannot let them face this adversity alone.


Rebuilding Homes, Restoring Lives

Sayaban Welfare has meticulously assessed the urgent needs of the affected families. The immediate priority is to rebuild sturdy, sustainable homes to shelter them from the elements. Sayaban is concentrating efforts in one village to rebuild the 50 homes destroyed there. Each house will cost £500, including all necessary materials and labour. By contributing towards the construction of these homes, you can offer a glimmer of hope and the chance for vulnerable families to rebuild their lives from the ground up.

Providing Food Packs

Alongside shelter, nourishment is vital for survival. Sayaban Welfare is also distributing food packs to the affected families. Each food pack, costing only £30, will sustain a family with essential supplies for an entire month. Your donation can ensure that hunger is kept at bay during this critical time of need.

Your generous donation can make an immediate impact on the lives of these families. Help us provide safe housing and sustenance to those left homeless by this calamity. Your support matters, no matter the size of your contribution. Together, we can rebuild Bihar’s communities, one house and one meal at a time.

Make your donation today!

Each passing moment counts, and your contribution can bring hope, security, and well-being to those in desperate need.

Thank you for your compassion, your kindness, and your readiness to make a difference.

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said
"Providing water is the best charity” (Abu Dawud)